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MORE!! Best of Amba chat

Discussion on things related to LW, WotM, Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, and Tony Miano

MORE!! Best of Amba chat

Postby th3w01fv2 » Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:30 pm

9:16) TH3W01FV2: You're the one doing the sniffing pal!
(15:49:26) (Trillian): gahhh - air biscuit
(15:49:53) TH3W01FV2: Trillian: Don't go there with the "Palinese"
(15:50:39) (Trillian): awww, she's just jane average
(15:51:29) (Trillian): she's really a latina - she has a kid the same age as her grandkid
(15:52:37) TH3W01FV2: Hey now. I looooove latinas. Can't stand Palin, you betcha!
(15:52:59) (Trillian): stewie - what's the msn handle?
(15:53:20) (Trillian): or is it hotmail/pas​spot
(15:53:32) (Trillian): dang - passport
(15:54:21) (Trillian): jesus is my gardener
(15:54:50) TH3W01FV2: Yeah. And he also does killer Fajita
(15:55:22) StewartP: hang on trillian - I don't know!!
(15:55:30) StewartP: I'll have to fire her up
(15:56:40) Alvin_Colston: (Trillian)W​hat does "jesus is my gardener" mean? doesn't sound very respectful.
(15:57:29) (Trillian): honestly, my parents cant care for their garden patch very well, he has a team to come in and help with plant care
(15:57:59) (Trillian): the tomatoes are almost ready

(15:58:33) Alvin_Colston: ok...is this what the topic is?
(15:58:59) (Trillian): general politics
(15:59:11) revulayshun: Alvin- gardening is a big step up from the previous topic, trust me.
(15:59:19) StewartP: lol
(16:00:09) TH3W01FV2: What did I ever miss?
(16:00:10) (Trillian): ok, more like extreme reactionary issues in politics
(16:00:23) revulayshun: Ok, gardening question- which came first, the apple, the apple tree, or the apple seed?
(16:01:01) StewartP: ok, I'll bite, the seed
(16:01:14) TH3W01FV2: That's easy. The seed. But the apple is a by product of the wonderful art of agriculture​.
(16:01:15) Alvin_Colston: God created the trees rip with fruit
(16:01:15) revulayshun: Seed only come from apples thogh.
(16:01:30) revulayshun: and we have a winner
(16:01:58) Alvin_Colston: wrong God can create trees full of fruit and did.
(16:02:17) (Trillian): risomes
(16:02:20) revulayshun: Alvin- you got it
(16:02:53) TH3W01FV2: Alvin_Colst​on: Apples are a product of Agriculture​. The original wild strain is known as Malus Sieversii

(16:03:03) revulayshun: the only logical explanation is that they all came into being simultaneou​sly.
(16:03:15) TH3W01FV2: No they were not.
(16:03:48) StewartP: like the banana!!
(16:03:49) StewartP: lol

(16:03:50) TH3W01FV2: Come on, don't tell me you've never heard of the domesticati​on of plantlife.
(16:04:08) revulayshun: th3- fine replace "apple" in the origina question with " malus. sierversii"
(16:04:56) Alvin_Colston: What is the solution to the problem of God being so far away (transcende​nce) that we can reach Him yet so near that we can get away (imminence) ?
(16:05:29) TH3W01FV2: Revulayshun​: You're just playing the "Question Chain" game. Just because we cannot fully explain it yet, it doesn't mean "Goddidit". Sorry nice try.
(16:05:33) StewartP: what's the solution to the problem of there being no God?
(16:05:40) Alvin_Colston: "can't reach Him"
(16:05:48) (Trillian): mc god?
(16:06:05) (Trillian): 'can't touch this'
(16:06:11) revulayshun: The answer that you're avoiding is obvious.
(16:06:48) Alvin_Colston: StewartP the answer is Humble yourself and God will give you grace to believe.
(16:06:51) StewartP: listen rev, all your games, "good person test" etc are scripts we've seen before
(16:06:55) StewartP: and they are tedious
(16:06:59) revulayshun: Obviously, all three components had to be brought into existence simultaneou​sly.
(16:07:19) StewartP: obviously not
(16:07:30) TH3W01FV2: Revulayshun​: Do you believe the earth is flat too?
(16:07:51) Alvin_Colston: God created the first fruit trees. I was using "apple" in a general sense.
(16:08:06) StewartP: god did not create anything
(16:08:13) TH3W01FV2: Alvin_Colst​on: You're wrong again.
(16:08:53) Alvin_Colston: how so?
(16:08:57) revulayshun: If you ca't get the seed without the fruit, and you can't get the fruit without the tree, and you can't get the tree without the seed, then all 3 had to have been brought into existence simultaneou​sly, by someone.
(16:09:21) Alvin_Colston: revulayshun ama
(16:09:22) Alvin_Colston: Amen!!
(16:09:27) revulayshun: th3- it is where i'm sitting
(16:09:42) Alvin_Colston: What is the solution to the problem of God being so far away (transcende​nce) that we can’t reach Him yet so near that we can get away (imminence) ?
(16:09:56) TH3W01FV2: Revulayshun​: Your knowledge of biology is very poor.
(16:09:59) StewartP: what's the solution to the problem of there being no God?
(16:10:26) revulayshun: Stew- there is no solution to that problem
(16:10:34) Alvin_Colston: the fool has said in his heart there is no God.
(16:10:46) StewartP: exactly, because it isn't really a problem
(16:10:48) TH3W01FV2: And the naive say there is!
(16:11:01) Alvin_Colston: so for any non-fools: What is the solution to the problem of God being so far away (transcende​nce) that we can’t reach Him yet so near that we can get away (imminence) ?
(16:11:06) revulayshun: Stew- it's a big prblem
(16:11:26) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: Who cares, it's a ficticious being.
(16:11:27) revulayshun: Al- I get with you in a sec.
(16:11:52) Alvin_Colston: k
(16:12:01) (Trillian): like harry potter
(16:12:16) (Trillian): or edward from 'twilight'
(16:12:54) Alvin_Colston: the question to the room, not fruit or T.V. shows is this: What is the solution to the problem of God being so far away (transcende​nce) that we can’t reach Him yet so near that we can get away (imminence) ?
(16:13:10) revulayshun: Stew- according to Steven hawking the universe and time itself had a beginning. that eans some that is atemporal and immatterial must have brought it into existence.
(16:13:17) (Trillian): it's a figment of a weak mind
(16:14:03) revulayshun: al- God is spirit
(16:14:11) (Trillian): ah, the infineite, who created the creator
(16:14:38) (Trillian): mother earth, father sky
(16:14:41) TH3W01FV2: Trillian: It's like talking to someone who still believes the earth is flat, or that there are dragons in volcanos or that leprechauns hide a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
(16:14:43) (Trillian): spirits too
(16:14:45) revulayshun: eternal beings do not require a cause
(16:15:12) (Trillian): why not?
(16:15:22) (Trillian): cause you said so?
(16:15:32) TH3W01FV2: "Eternal beings" don't exist. Will you stop making stuff up! I don't know what's worse, Anime Fanfic or the crap that Creationist​s make up!
(16:15:34) revulayshun: Only things that have a beginning reqire a cause.
(16:16:04) revulayshun: th3- If that is true, then we wouldn't exist now.
(16:16:15) Alvin_Colston: TH3W01FV2 you need to be respectful or you will be banned.
(16:16:37) (Trillian): furries, mmmm
(16:16:50) TH3W01FV2: Alvin_Colst​on: Why don't you get off that high horse of yours.
(16:17:11) StewartP: rev, when Steven Hawking becomes the fount of all knowledge I'll take his word as truth
(16:17:16) Alvin_Colston: TH3W01FV2 intelligent conversatio​n not insult. It's my job.;)
(16:17:28) revulayshun: th3- the universe is not eternal. Therefore, there must be some that IS in order to bring it into existence.
(16:17:46) StewartP: rev, why is the universe not eternal?
(16:17:54) (Trillian): wishful thinking
(16:18:00) revulayshun: Ask Steven hawking
(16:18:03) TH3W01FV2: Alvin_Colst​on: Thank you sir, you've just proven to me that the homeless who beg for drug money on the streets contribute more to the world than you ever will with that "job" of yours.
(16:18:10) StewartP: I'm asking you
(16:19:03) revulayshun: Because of entropy, and the impossibilt​y of traversing the infinite.
(16:19:33) (Trillian): love your neighbor as you do yourself - love also meaning respect
(16:19:42) StewartP: "the impossibilt​y of traversing the infinite." sounds impressive, but it's circular
(16:19:46) StewartP: semantics
(16:19:48) (Trillian): that's a christlike thing to do
(16:20:04) revulayshun: How is it circular?
(16:20:20) StewartP: Trillian, I bet they wish they could bounce hecklers when they're street preaching too
(16:20:38) Alvin_Colston: TH3W01FV2 I'm a child of God a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As well as a protector for this room from unhelpful and blasphemous comments. Let's just keep the conversatio​n mature, ok?
(16:20:43) revulayshun: we pray for hecklers to show up.
(16:21:03) StewartP: well rev, it's down to the meaning of the word "infinite" and that word may not apply to the physics of the universe
(16:21:07) (Trillian): nahh, they just ignor the heckers and keep pattering away with their scrip
(16:21:12) (Trillian): t
(16:21:20) revulayshun: Stew- demonstrate why it is circular.
(16:21:28) Alvin_Colston: revulayshun hecklers in chat room are much different than on the street.
(16:22:10) Alvin_Colston: no cussing please. thx.
(16:22:19) (Trillian): yeah, when you have a physical barrier to distance yourself
(16:22:49) TH3W01FV2: Alvin_Colst​on: Alright Alright, you want to power trip, power trip all you want. But I must tell you, it doesn't impress anyone and shows how weak you are. Just saying...
(16:22:53) revulayshun: Lets use the word eternal then, if you like. But still you haven't demonstrate​d you assertion.
(16:23:07) (Trillian): can't cut off the street heclers, too many witnesses
(16:23:32) TH3W01FV2: Trillian: And it's bad PR
(16:23:33) (Trillian): to see your act of 'cristian love'
(16:23:37) Alvin_Colston: TH3W01FV2 that's fine just obey the rules. don't know how else to say that.
(16:24:11) (Trillian): jesus rules that you respect everyone
(16:24:31) Alvin_Colston: (Trillian) caps for Jesus please
(16:26:07) (647466): who am I
(16:26:27) Alvin_Colston: you are (647466)
(16:26:49) (Trillian): mea culpa, i tend to not use the shift key - crummy typist
(16:26:50) (647466): Thank you
(16:26:54) TH3W01FV2: Alvin_Colst​on: Will you relax? What is this, your first day on the job?
(16:26:56) Reprieve: What's everyone talking about?
(16:27:56) TH3W01FV2: There are a few subjects going around. Right now I am pointing out Alvin's lack of Chatroom interperson​al skills.
(16:28:48) (647466): What's the purpose of this chatroom?
(16:28:49) Alvin_Colston: TH3W01FV2 nope. obey the rules everyone might have a more enjoyable time. now let it go, please.
(16:28:59) StewartP: Wow, I was just about to say that the difference with chat room hecklers is thay can be bounced, and WHAM! I was outta there!
(16:29:20) (Trillian): bot alert
(16:29:48) (647466): What's a bot?
(16:29:52) revulayshun: All the evidence seems to indicate, that the universe has not existed forever, but that it had a beginning, about 15 billion years ago. This is probably the most remarkable discovery of modern cosmology. Yet it is now taken for granted. Steven Hawking
(16:29:56) Alvin_Colston: (647466) this is a chat room to discuss Jesus Christ and the Biblical gospel.
(16:30:02) (Trillian): nevermind
(16:30:15) TH3W01FV2: A bot is a script used in Chatrooms to either moderate or automate certain tasks.
(16:30:59) StewartP: This chat channel says "Public"
(16:32:38) TH3W01FV2: StewartP: Don't let Alvin get to you too much. I've seen guys like him since the ol' IRC days. The title got to his head a mite.[\b]
[b](16:33:08) StewartP: "respect my authoritaaa​h!"
(16:33:22) (Trillian): cartman!!
(16:33:44) TH3W01FV2: StewartP: Bingo. Just grin, and don't take it too personal, He's just another Arnold J. Rimmer.

(16:33:55) revulayshun: All the evidence seems to indicate, that the universe has not existed forever, but that it had a beginning, about 15 billion years ago. This is probably the most remarkable discovery of modern cosmology. Yet it is now taken for granted. Steven Hawking
(16:33:56) StewartP: Red Dwarf!
(16:34:00) StewartP: does the salute

(16:34:36) TH3W01FV2: "what a Smeeeee heeeeeeee!!" (Can you name the actual episode?)
(16:34:38) (Trillian): never saw it, need to
(16:34:49) Alvin_Colston: are there anti theist rooms that are designated for cussing and blaspheme? maybe you guys can check those out.
(16:35:07) StewartP: when they reprogram the droid (remind me of his name) to usurp authority
(16:35:12) StewartP: Kryton
(16:35:17) StewartP: it came back to me
(16:35:18) (Trillian): we are dialoging and discussing
(16:35:20) revulayshun: Alvin- right now they're just cowering from the truth.
(16:35:42) StewartP: Trillian, you must see Red Dwarf

(16:35:52) (Trillian): paging george orwell...to the courtesy phone
(16:36:06) StewartP: If you like Hitchikers Guide etc
(16:36:17) (Trillian): i'll get the dvds eventually
(16:36:19) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: Listen buddy, you got a section called "Atheism/Ag​nosticism". That basically was an invite to us, now accept the fact that we are here, and not going anywhere. K?
(16:36:23) (Trillian): 42
(16:36:41) Reprieve: But what is the question?
(16:36:45) (Trillian): got the original tv series
(16:36:57) (Trillian): sorry for the inconvenien​ce
(16:37:00) revulayshun: Alvin- Stewart's losing the argument, so now he's pretending to be engaged with you.
(16:37:02) Alvin_Colston: all are welcome, just obey the rules, just sayin'
(16:37:21) (Trillian): a wedding?
(16:37:24) TH3W01FV2: Alright Arnold..I mean Alvin
(16:37:37) (Trillian): congrats, stewie
(16:37:45) (Trillian): alvin too
(16:37:53) revulayshun: trillian- yep, and you're the maid of honor.
(16:38:00) StewartP: nice prod, rev
(16:38:01) (Trillian): kewl

(16:38:11) TH3W01FV2: Can I be the wedding DJ?
(16:38:24) TH3W01FV2: I'll go all 80's!!

(16:38:30) (Trillian): can Ray make my dress outta leather?
(16:38:39) StewartP: What US state do we have to be in for that to be legal?
(16:38:48) (Trillian): i request fgth

(16:38:55) TH3W01FV2: Leather corset dress? How stylish.
(16:39:06) Alvin_Colston: can any atheist explain their understandi​ng of biblical Christianit​y?
(16:39:15) (Trillian): it used to be cali
(16:39:43) TH3W01FV2: I understand it as this. A highly politicized​, highly financed and ever so troublesome empire.

(16:39:43) (647466): So if the universe began 15 billion years ago, why does Genesis say it was created in seven days?
(16:40:16) TH3W01FV2: Simple. Genesis was written by bronze age men, who had no understandi​ng of science.
(16:40:45) Alvin_Colston: (647466) God has the power to create out of nothing, He can make it look old to have fun with atheists.
(16:40:47) (647466): Where did you pick up that fact?
(16:41:07) revulayshun: 647- there are two poits addressed. 1- the fact that the universe HAD a beginning, and 2- when it was. We are only setlling the first point at the moment.
(16:41:32) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: What that sarcasm? :)
(16:42:16) StewartP: For God so loved the world that he drowned millions of tiny children in a great flood - and then a thousand years later he changed his rules to damn 90% of humanity to eternal hell because they didn't believe that He killed Himself to save Himself so He could forgive us all and presumably not drown millions of babies in another flood or something
(16:42:41) StewartP: Trillian just got bounced
(16:42:47) TH3W01FV2: Revulayshun​: Only because we've seen the script you were about to use. You see that's what you get for using a cookie-cutt​er style of evangelism. People catch on.
(16:43:19) Reprieve: Ah so, now we have a decietful God.
(16:43:21) (647466): O.k., so it's established that the universe had a beginning. now what?
(16:43:38) ChatBot: (251371) is now known as (Ahnold).
(16:43:40) revulayshun: th3- The fact that you've heard it before has no bearing as to the validity of the argument, does it.
(16:43:47) (Ahnold): the sequel...
(16:44:23) TH3W01FV2: Revulayshun​: I not only heard it all before, but it was also debunked to death.
(16:45:16) revulayshun: 647- Ok, if the universe ( time, space, and matter) came into existence, the it requires a sufficent cause to have done so. That cause would have to be atemporal (eternal) and non-materia​l.
(16:45:17) TH3W01FV2: Did they boot Trillian?
(16:45:30) StewartP: may have been a glitch
(16:45:40) revulayshun: Th3- so you calim.....
(16:45:41) TH3W01FV2: Wouldn't surprise me.
(16:46:02) TH3W01FV2: Revulayshun​: whatever yanks your crank.
(16:46:02) StewartP: Once the trust is lost...
(16:46:23) revulayshun: th3- you're all bluff
(16:46:59) (Ahnold): give valid evidence
(16:47:02) TH3W01FV2: Revulayshun​: I'd tell you what you're full of, but Alvin would start to cry, so let's leave it at that.
(16:47:23) ChatBot: (Ahnold) is now known as (Trillian).
(16:47:39) (Trillian): duct tape came off
(16:47:49) TH3W01FV2: Kinky
(16:47:55) (Trillian): needs bailing wire
(16:48:12) TH3W01FV2: Bailing wire? Such limited imagination​.

(16:48:35) Reprieve: Rev, there is a difference between the universe had a beginning and matter came into existence. The beginning of the universe could just have been the rearrangeme​nt of pre-existin​g materials
(16:48:39) (Trillian): din't wanna scare you off
(16:49:10) (Trillian): ball gag is for later - what's your safe word?

(16:49:14) revulayshun: Rep- 2nd law
(16:49:54) TH3W01FV2: Trillian: Tut-tut, I don't sub. I am dominant and proud Rooooowl.
(16:49:58) (647466): What
(16:50:11) (Trillian): speaking in toungues
(16:50:20) TH3W01FV2: :P
(16:50:24) Reprieve: And? The universe might be a decay of a prexisting thing
(16:50:29) StewartP: Rev, do the laws of thermodynam​ics not apply to God?
(16:50:30) TH3W01FV2: There you go, spoke in tongues LOL
(16:50:36) (647466): What's 2nd law?
(16:51:10) (Trillian): a misinterpre​ted 'argument'
(16:51:49) revulayshun: stew- of course the don't. He is the necessary etrnal afforementi​oned cause.
(16:52:10) (647466): So we're all a kind of space rot?
(16:52:26) (Trillian): 64 has got it
(16:52:53) TH3W01FV2: 64766: Don't get all excited It's just Revulayshun going off on a J-trip again.
(16:52:53) revulayshun: 647-well, you got the rot part right- we are all vile, wretched creatures, subject to decay.
(16:53:23) (Trillian): decay keeps mushrooms happy
(16:53:40) (Trillian): truffle anyone?
(16:53:49) (Trillian): or a nice shitakke
(16:54:04) TH3W01FV2: Revulayshun​: I am sorry that you feel that way about yourself. Your self-esteem is at an all-time low.
(16:54:38) ChatBot: (434297) is now known as (StewartP).
(16:56:15) Reprieve: I also love the irony of citing the second law of thermodynam​ics whilst trying to argue against the first law
(16:56:32) revulayshun: God, in eternity past, elcted to create a people for Himself. The father , Son, and Holy Spirit covenanted together to bring about the redemption of those people from a fallen humanity. The Father gave a people to the Son, the Son came to redeem those people, and the Holy Spirit now gathers those people to Him by the preching of the gospel.
(16:56:56) (Trillian): rev - ever hear of stewart smalley?
(16:57:27) TH3W01FV2: Revulayshun​: You're running out of ideas, aren't you?
(16:57:55) revulayshun: Christianit​y is not for everyone, only for God's elect.
(16:58:21) Reprieve: Wait, why did God create a fallen humanity>
(16:58:25) Reprieve: ?*
(16:58:36) TH3W01FV2: Right...Jus​t like Star Trek isn't for everyone, only Die Hard Trekkies.
(16:58:59) Reprieve: But if you truly believe, Spock will make you one
(16:59:16) TH3W01FV2: Mindmeld.

(16:59:18) Alvin_Colston: Reprieve God created the law to break them and cause man to see the "supernatua​l" and think..ther​e must be a God.
(16:59:24) revulayshun: rep- he didn't create a fallen humanity, He created a humanity bound to fall.
(16:59:42) Reprieve: Rev, why?
(16:59:47) Alvin_Colston: I.E. breaking the first law of Thermodynam​ics.
(17:00:16) MarcusPittman: Hello Room
(17:00:33) Reprieve: Alvin, so show me some matter being created
(17:00:37) revulayshun: rep- so that the redeemed would be "redeemed". God's people will forever know that it is only by His glorious grace that they are saved.
(17:00:39) TH3W01FV2: Heya Marcus.
(17:00:44) Alvin_Colston: hey marcus!! Academy 16!! Whoot whoot!!
(17:00:49) FortC: Hey MP!
(17:00:58) (Trillian): show me God
(17:01:01) Alvin_Colston: Reprieve all matter was created.
(17:01:12) MarcusPittman: Woot! for 16
(17:01:13) (Trillian): not His creations
(17:01:18) MarcusPittman: Are you going to be there?
(17:01:23) (Trillian): not His 'word'
(17:01:30) Reprieve: Rev, why?
(17:01:47) Alvin_Colston: I want be at Academy 17 for sure.
(17:01:50) (Trillian): your "god, right here, right now
(17:01:57) Reprieve: Alvin, I asked you to show me some matter being created. Not matter that was createfd
(17:01:59) (Trillian): *God
(17:02:03) Alvin_Colston: maybe I'll invite my self. ;)
(17:02:12) (Trillian): can't do it
(17:02:15) revulayshun: rep- God decided that that was the way that He would be most highly exalted and glorified.
(17:02:18) (Trillian): we all know it
(17:02:37) TH3W01FV2: Trillian: The odd of that happening are about the same as a victorian corset materializi​ng around Alvin's waist!!
(17:02:56) (Trillian): all gods were created by humans
(17:03:03) FortC: @Reprieve: Show me some eternal matter.
(17:03:13) Reprieve: Why did he want that?
(17:03:28) revulayshun: rep- we aren't told
(17:03:33) (Trillian): where's the improbabili​ty drive when you need one?
(17:03:34) Alvin_Colston: (Trillian) all (g)ods are created by humans. that's correct...
(17:03:51) (Trillian): God too
(17:03:58) TH3W01FV2: Trillian: Ooooh I'd love to have one of those.
(17:04:03) Alvin_Colston: they break the first and second law of God.
(17:04:36) Reprieve: Rev, could you think of a reason?
(17:04:38) Alvin_Colston: so do you when you say there is no God because you make yourself a god.
(17:04:39) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: Boy you're REALLLY into this aren't you?

(17:04:39) (Trillian): God vanishes in a puff of never existed in the first place
(17:05:20) Alvin_Colston: TH3W01FV2 I am a born again follower of Jesus Christ, yes.
(17:05:23) (Trillian): you boys made the claim there is God, invite him over
(17:05:25) revulayshun: rep- i suppose, but i might be wrong.
(17:05:31) (Trillian): Him
(17:05:46) Reprieve: Rev, let us simply hypothesise​.
(17:05:49) (Trillian): came out of your mama twice?
(17:06:02) Reprieve: I understand you do not claim it being the actual reason
(17:06:04) (Trillian): poor lady
(17:06:10) Alvin_Colston: nope read John 3. (Trillian)
(17:06:20) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: Stop it, you're creeping me out. Next you're going to tell me that you sow bible verses on your boxers right next to your name and address.
(17:06:31) (Trillian): i only read john lennon
(17:06:43) revulayshun: rep- it would seem that His desire is to reveal the full range of His glorious attributes to His chosen people and elect angels.
(17:06:46) FortC: Surely there are mockers about me, and my eye dwells on their provocation​. (Job 17:2)
(17:06:49) Alvin_Colston: it's ok the Pharisee's didn't understand "born again" either.
(17:06:57) (Trillian): john grisham sometimes
(17:07:16) (Trillian): 'forgiven' starred clint eastwood
(17:07:26) (Trillian): so you're a movie star now?
(17:07:27) (647466): What is their provication​?
(17:07:29) revulayshun: I think ephesians chapt. 3 gives us a close of an answer as He has decided to give us.
(17:07:53) (Trillian): 64 - your lack of God showing up
(17:08:13) (Trillian): viva barrabus
(17:08:32) Alvin_Colston: all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.
(17:08:39) Alvin_Colston: every lie.
(17:08:40) Alvin_Colston: sin

(17:08:42) revulayshun: so that through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.
(17:08:54) (Trillian): alvin, you lie about God, you are a liar
(17:08:59) Alvin_Colston: every "o my G-D!"
(17:09:07) Alvin_Colston: blaspheme
(17:09:11) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: You really are creepy. Remind me to keep you away from small children.

(17:09:23) (Trillian): oh my newton
(17:09:34) (Trillian): ohh, dawwwkins
(17:09:41) TH3W01FV2: Oh madame Currie!

(17:09:48) revulayshun: Rep. Did I lose you?
(17:09:58) (Trillian): sagan save me
(17:10:05) Alvin_Colston: Sin is Lawlessness​.
(17:10:14) TH3W01FV2: Lucy?
(17:10:27) (Trillian): in the sky with diamonds
(17:10:29) TH3W01FV2: (as in Lucy Lawless, get it?)
(17:10:42) (Trillian): she's really a blond
(17:10:48) Alvin_Colston: breaking God's law is the definition of sinning. We are all guilty.
(17:10:48) TH3W01FV2: For real?
(17:10:55) (Trillian): had to dye her hair for xena
(17:11:10) (Trillian): gis her

(17:11:18) Alvin_Colston: the bible says that all liars will have their part in the lake of fire.
(17:11:32) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: Enough already, we know that you have a low self-esteem but stop beating yourself up. It's not healthy.

(17:11:37) (Trillian): we're joining you there, you are aliar
(17:11:55) (Trillian): has he ever...you know
(17:12:03) Alvin_Colston: "there is no God" is not only a lie but it break commandment​, 1,2&3
(17:12:12) Alvin_Colston: breaks

(17:12:58) FortC: They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us. But they went out, that it might become plain that they all are not of us. (1Jn 2:19)
(17:13:00) (Trillian): no, we scare him
(17:13:15) TH3W01FV2: Trillian: You go girl ;)

(17:13:25) (Trillian): fort - jesus said love everybody
(17:13:40) FortC: For those in the channel that claim to be former Christians.
(17:14:02) TH3W01FV2: Trust me, I am not claiming that. Never was one, don't intend to be one.
(17:14:03) Alvin_Colston: But god demonstrate​s His love in this that while we were still sinners Christ Died for us.
(17:14:15) revulayshun: Christianit​y is not for everyone.
(17:14:38) Alvin_Colston: that's why the second person of the trinity lived a sinless life.
(17:14:40) FortC: Many God haters do claim it TH3W01FV2
(17:14:46) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: Do you really feel comfortable with the violence in that idea?
(17:15:05) Alvin_Colston: so that He would do what the sacrifice of bulls could never do.
(17:15:16) Alvin_Colston: pay for sins once and for all.

(17:15:52) revulayshun: for the sins of His people, that is...
(17:15:55) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: And you wonder why people don't invite you over to social gatherings?
(17:16:04) Alvin_Colston: many say. that's divine child abuse. I don't want Jesus to die for my sins.
(17:16:21) revulayshun: Maybe he didn't....
(17:16:27) Alvin_Colston: we have the option to pay for them our selves
(17:16:34) Alvin_Colston: forever in Hell.

(17:16:42) TH3W01FV2: Trillian: Is it just me or Alvin is now so gone in Lala land he doesn't even read what's int he channel?
(17:17:40) revulayshun: Hell is not an option, if you're going there, you ARE going... like it or not.
(17:17:44) Alvin_Colston: the only unforgivabl​e sin is to reject Jesus Christ as the substantiat​ion atonement for your sins, and die in that unrepentant state.
(17:17:48) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: Thank you for sharing your most dark and gruesome fantasies. But seriously, get some professiona​l help.

(17:18:10) FortC: TH3W01FV2: So why is violence wrong according to your vaunted view of things?
(17:18:40) revulayshun: Every sin is unforivable​, aprt fro Christ.
(17:18:44) TH3W01FV2: Violence has it's place, I was merely wondering why you guys enjoy it so much?
(17:19:00) revulayshun: What's wrong with my kayboard???
(17:19:21) Alvin_Colston: we can plug our ears and pretend we live in a world that was came about by random chance but we wont escape the jusgement to come, because we have broken God'
(17:19:22) Alvin_Colston: s
(17:19:26) Alvin_Colston: law.
(17:20:00) FortC: TH3W01FV2: You must think that you are in another religion's chatroom
(17:20:10) revulayshun: I am free from your blood, because i have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God.
(17:20:10) Alvin_Colston: revulayshun just saying that those that reject the Saviour "choose" Hell
(17:20:48) TH3W01FV2: FortC: No I think I know where I am at.
(17:20:49) (647466): always a choice
(17:21:07) revulayshun: al- not necessarily​... many die in their sins without ever "rejecting" because they never heard, but they perish nonetheless​.
(17:21:18) FortC: TH3W01FV2: Or maybe in an atheist chatroom seeing as they killed more then anyone else in the 20th century.
(17:21:53) Alvin_Colston: without excuse.
(17:21:54) (455272): hey, God god show up while i was gone>
(17:22:11) ChatBot: (455272) is now known as (Trillian).
(17:22:20) (Trillian): Anybody?
(17:22:34) TH3W01FV2: Nah. Just Alvin starting going loopy.
(17:22:51) Alvin_Colston: (Trillian) did you repent and receive Christ during your break?

(17:23:06) revulayshun: Right,
(17:23:16) (Trillian): i should come down there and meet you boys face to face
(17:23:22) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: She probably took a potty break, just leave her alone will you?
(17:23:33) (Trillian): oh baby, did i EVER repent
(17:23:43) TH3W01FV2: 0_0
(17:23:51) (Trillian): girls don't go 'potty'
(17:24:05) (Trillian): we visit the rest room
(17:24:08) TH3W01FV2: Repent the walls, repent the ceiling, use big buckets of PENT!
(17:24:30) Alvin_Colston: you can repent anywhere. just humble yourself and realize you have sinned and desperately need a Saviour.

(17:24:36) (Trillian): we don't f*rt either
(17:24:57) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: So you repent with Latex semi gloss and use two coats?
(17:25:21) (Trillian): ever try the liquid body latex?
(17:25:30) TH3W01FV2: Oh yeah that rocks.
(17:25:49) TH3W01FV2: I wish it were more practical.

(17:26:06) FortC: Whoever loves his brother abides in the light, and in him there is no cause for stumbling. But whoever hates his brother is in the darkness and walks in the darkness, and does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes. (1Jn 2:10-11)
(17:26:09) (Trillian): i know, gets into everything
(17:26:22) Alvin_Colston: Repenting is the volitional turning away from sin an breaking God's laws and transferrin​g the prideful trust that we place in ourselves and placing it on The person and work of Jesus
(17:26:23) (Trillian): who's hating?
(17:26:46) TH3W01FV2: They are obviously.
(17:27:00) (Trillian): that's it, pick on you Saviour
(17:27:24) (Trillian): he only wanted you to love Him
(17:27:42) TH3W01FV2: Trillian: I told you they have low self-esteem that's why they make up all kinds of nightmares for themselves.

(17:27:45) FortC: For all that is in the world--the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride in possessions​--is not from the Father but is from the world. And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever. (1Jn 2:16-17)
(17:27:59) revulayshun: I think reprieve got convicted..​.
(17:28:10) (Trillian): oh, he said 'flesh'
(17:28:37) TH3W01FV2: Revulayshun​: Don't get too excited now, you might show some kind of human emotion. lol
(17:28:49) (Trillian): you say God created everything, right?
(17:28:56) TH3W01FV2: Trillian: Yes. how "order of the gash" of them.
(17:29:00) Alvin_Colston: TH3W01FV2(T​rillian)when will you take your eternal soul and the judgment of a Holy God seriously? will you think about this things in the quietness of your heart. as you know that you are a sinner and can't possible appease the God that you know exists?
(17:29:06) (Trillian): He is The Creator?
(17:29:17) Alvin_Colston: (Trillian)a​men!
(17:29:39) (Trillian): He is coming, right?
(17:29:52) Alvin_Colston: that's still doesn't make up for blaspheme, you need to repent and trust the Saviour.
(17:30:01) Alvin_Colston: ok
(17:30:01) (Trillian): no, not a 'where is he'...

(17:30:11) FortC: The stupid man cannot know; the fool cannot understand this: that though the wicked sprout like grass and all evildoers flourish, they are doomed to destruction forever; but you, O LORD, are on high forever. (Psa 92:6-8)
(17:30:20) (Trillian): so a simple one or the other question:
(17:30:30) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: You're just crazy. Seriously the only job you could get is here? What's the matter? Didn't take your meds and couldn't get a REAL job?
(17:30:34) (Trillian): still with me?
(17:30:57) (Trillian): alvin?
(17:31:16) Alvin_Colston: this "job" doesn't pay and I would take $$ to proclaim Christ!
(17:31:18) (Trillian): alvin...
(17:31:33) (Trillian): ALVIIIIIN
(17:31:40) Alvin_Colston: OK!!
(17:31:41) (Trillian): are you listening?
(17:31:46) Alvin_Colston: nice.
(17:31:58) (Trillian): thank you
(17:32:00) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: You took a job that didn't pay while Ray is making thousands? You're not only crazy, you're stupid.

(17:32:00) Alvin_Colston: Christmas Christmas time is here.
(17:32:11) Alvin_Colston: ha ha.
(17:32:33) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: Who pays your rent? Mommy?
(17:32:37) (Trillian): will you answer a simple question, choosing an answer presented
(17:32:45) (Trillian): ?
(17:33:10) (Trillian): no, not hula hoops
(17:33:13) revulayshun: th3- YOUR mommie

(17:33:28) Alvin_Colston: so seriously when are you going to admit that you choose to ignore God and pretend that He doesn't exist so you can attempt to live guilt free.
(17:33:41) TH3W01FV2: Revulayshun​: Oooooh what's this? "Yo mamma" jokes now? HAHAHAH
(17:33:50) revulayshun: hahhahaha
(17:33:56) Alvin_Colston: the bible calls that "suppressin​g the truth in unrighteous​ness."
(17:34:14) (Trillian): will you answer my simple questinon about Christ's coming?
(17:34:18) Alvin_Colston: (Trillian) sorry what was the ??
(17:34:18) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: And the British call you a "Tosser"

(17:34:43) Alvin_Colston: i missed it sorry. yes Christ is coming back again.
(17:34:48) (Trillian): ok - two possible choices here...
(17:35:21) Alvin_Colston: in judgment of the living and the dead.
(17:35:31) TH3W01FV2: HAHAHAHHAHA​HA

(17:35:49) Alvin_Colston: (Trillian) careful.
(17:36:03) (Trillian): simple question
(17:36:06) TH3W01FV2: Alvin: Do you or do you not have on your bottom a tattoo that says "Jesus is coming back soon, LOOK BUSY!!"
(17:36:23) Alvin_Colston: let me check.
(17:36:28) TH3W01FV2: HAHAHHAhA
(17:36:32) Alvin_Colston: hold on
(17:36:38) Alvin_Colston: nope.
(17:37:02) (Trillian): oh, do i sense an attempt to be ...funny?

(17:37:03) Alvin_Colston: but He has written on my heart is moral law, just like you.
(17:37:10) (Trillian): it's a start
(17:37:20) TH3W01FV2: ROTFLCOPTER

(17:37:39) FortC: They are trying really hard to suppress the truth of that law Alvin.
(17:38:08) FortC: It just keeps coming to the surface.
(17:38:13) Alvin_Colston: and because I know that is cost Him a painful death and the separation from the Father that I deserved, I Love the Lord and I Love you enough to tell you the truth
(17:38:38) TH3W01FV2: Alrighty, This wolf hungers, see you in a bit. HAHAHA
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Re: MORE!! Best of Amba chat

Postby BeamStalk » Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:47 pm

(16:45:16) revulayshun: 647- Ok, if the universe ( time, space, and matter) came into existence, the it requires a sufficent cause to have done so. That cause would have to be atemporal (eternal) and non-materia​l.

He has no idea what he is talking about. The Big Bang is only about the origin of space time not matter or energy.
The truth may be out there, but the lies are inside your head.
-Terry Pratchett, "Hogfather"
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Re: MORE!! Best of Amba chat

Postby zilch » Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:20 pm

BeamStalk wrote:
(16:45:16) revulayshun: 647- Ok, if the universe ( time, space, and matter) came into existence, the it requires a sufficent cause to have done so. That cause would have to be atemporal (eternal) and non-materia​l.

He has no idea what he is talking about. The Big Bang is only about the origin of space time not matter or energy.

In any case it's special pleading: Christians claim that the beginning of the Universe is a problem for atheists, but insist that the beginning of God is not a problem. All you gotta do is believe in magic, and everything falls into place...
You were born. And so you're free. So happy birthday.
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Re: MORE!! Best of Amba chat

Postby StewartP » Tue Jun 29, 2010 4:16 pm

I love it when they just start spamming scripture, like it's some kind of magic incantation

Sure sign they've lost it, they think you're demon possessed and in their chatroom
'How can you say, "We are wise, for we have the law of the LORD," when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely? Jer 8:8
A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five. Groucho Marx
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Re: MORE!! Best of Amba chat

Postby zilch » Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:00 am

It's a crying shame that Ray erased the whole AMBA chat. There was some good stuff there.
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Re: MORE!! Best of Amba chat

Postby lehman scott » Tue Oct 15, 2013 4:39 pm

Looks like it was an interesting time before my own here and there.
Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.
- - Barack Obama

Pessimism of the Intellect; Optimism of the Will.
- - Antonio Gramsci
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Re: MORE!! Best of Amba chat

Postby zilch » Thu Oct 17, 2013 10:37 am

The thing that especially annoys me- and it's my own fault- is that I didn't take down the addresses of some good people there.
You were born. And so you're free. So happy birthday.
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