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What's Wrong With California? By Jack Cashill

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What's Wrong With California? By Jack Cashill

Postby Jessica » Fri Jun 13, 2014 1:49 pm

I've just finished reading the book What's Wrong With California? by Jack Cashill who is a right-wing Christian who has written several books from a right-wing Christian viewpoint and this is one of many. I'd never heard of him and read it because I am interested in social studies/issues and have found interest Randy Shilt's work And The Band Played On and Richard N. Goodwin's Remembering America

Back to Mr Cashill's What's Wrong With California?
I've read it and it's made me sad, because it's the cry of a grumpy old man who was obviously happy as a child and cannot understand why everyone wasn't as happy living in the traditional values mum stays at home, dad goes to work of the church going small town 1950s US and why they should choose to live these crazy, unreal lives they are living.

I will lay out his conclusions as kindly as I can:
There are apparently a group of almost exclusively males call The Gay who are only welcome and treated decently and fairly like every other human being in one part of the world, which is called California, and even then only in small parts of this part of the world. This is due to the problems of liberalism and progression.
Because of this, prices are up, divorce is too easy, blacks are forgetting their place, God been rejected, fathers are shunned, mass murdering cults are roaming the canyons, the destruction of the earth and other species is frowned upon, and young sailor boys on shore leave are forced to murder older men to save their honour.

I sent Mr Cashill message. If the traditional values of the 1950s were so brilliant, why do people walk away from them as soon they've got the chance?

One more thing: Right-wing Christian is, apparently, a genuine philosophy/belief, and people live by it. Even though the self help and thrift and small government right-winger and Christian with their reliance on healthcare and benefits and Big Government God are opposites. My right-wing atheist dad would have shaken his head at the strangeness of this notion.
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Re: What's Wrong With California? By Jack Cashill

Postby zilch » Fri Jun 13, 2014 4:20 pm

Indeed, Jessica. As a child of '50s California, I can only imagine that the conservatives from back then are turning in their graves, if they can see what's considered "conservatism" nowadays.
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