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Late introduction

Come in, be welcome, introduce yourselves...

Late introduction

Postby creativerealms » Sat Jul 13, 2013 5:15 pm

Okay since I made a few posts already it's time to introduce myself. I am thirty one and over the last two years I have came to realize just how crazy some religious people could get. It started with Jack Chick, I became addicted to his tracts and just how crazy his beliefs were. If Jack Chick was right Heaven was filled with rapists and murderers and Hell was filled with good people who were selfless in life. It was also around that time that I learned Evolution was hated by many religious people. It did not dawn on me that the two could not exist together. Then again I always figured growing up that the bible were exaggerated stories of events that happened along with cautionary tales. Not completely fake but like folk tales.

I did not realize bible literalism existed because that did not make sense to me. I also did not know how far literalists went to prove that the bible was completely true with zero contradictions.

After reading and laughing at Chick Tract dissections I started looking at other like minds using sites like iron Chariots and Rationalwiki. That's when I found out about Ray Comfort and Ken Ham.

I'm not an Atheist but I guess I'm leaning toward Atheism. I can't prove there is no god and I could say with one hundred percent certainty that there is or is not a god. I am only human. However it seems very unlikely to me. The reason I lean this way is because their are so many religions, so many beliefs about god, spirituality and the afterlife. It is doubtful they could all be right and so most or all of them must be wrong. Every religion says it's right and the others are wrong. Yet that can't happen. They can't all be right and all be wrong.

Besides if there is a being as all powerful as god who created all existence such a being would not need to be worshiped. Why would an enlightened being beyond our comprehension need his creations to worship him as a god? Why would he create them with the ability to do what ever they wanted and then force limits on them with the threat of eternal damnation. That does not seem like something an all powerful, all loving god of creation would do. There is no reason for me to worship a god because first I don't know which god is right if one exists and because I can't fathom why a such a being would need to be worshiped.

So yeah I have no clue what I am but I'm sure in the eyes of Comfort, Ham, Chick and others I'm damned.
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Re: Late introduction

Postby E-lad » Sat Jul 13, 2013 7:17 pm

Welcome aboard, c.r.!

Feel free to start a thread on anything you care about. There are some some smart cookies that hang around here and any questions you have concerning Comfort/Ham/et al will likely find a comprehensive and honest answer here.

You'll find my 2 cents from time to time over at The Bushy Tree.

What corner of the earth are you from?

By the way, I've decided to discount your registration fee from 199.95 USD to 59.95 USD which you may remit to my PayPal account at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for your prompt attention to these matters,

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Re: Late introduction

Postby lehman scott » Sun Jul 14, 2013 2:20 am

Welcome, cr!

Very interesting path you've been on to get here. You'll find that this is a great little place filled with wonderful people. I can say without reservation that it is the most unique little cul-de-sac to be found on the Internet. In my brief two years here I have made a number of friends who I have laughed, cried, and shared things with that I never thought capable of. And I know that they are now friends for life. I'm glad that you decided to join us and hope that you come to feel as at home here as I do.

One last note, Froggie obviously didn't get the administrative memo regarding the status of the Paypal account. It is actually lehman.scott@paypal.com and the membership fees were actually increased recently to $299.95 USD. Sorry about the misunderstanding (it's an internal matter we're in the process of rectifying) and if you can't pay it all at once we have a very generous installment plan which I'm sure you'll find quite manageable.

All the best, cr, and welcome once again!
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Re: Late introduction

Postby zilch » Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:48 am

realms- froggie and lehman are just joshing. The only requirement for joining is your signature on a certain unimportant document. In blood. Just a formality.
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Re: Late introduction

Postby Stoned Immaculate » Tue Jul 16, 2013 2:45 pm

And you gotta run around the internet...naked. Welcome realms!
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Re: Late introduction

Postby ajbjasus » Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:03 pm

Nobody mentioned the beer cooler yet !
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