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OK, I was out of this

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OK, I was out of this

Postby Photosynthesis » Tue Oct 01, 2013 12:37 am

Hey guys,

I see that it was long ago that I was posting only to come without warning and check Jason Lisle's madness blog. OK. OK I was kinda tired of Christian hypocritologetics, then, after a good while I visited Bahnsen burner's blog, and had loads and loads of fun shovelling presuppositionalists bullshit back up their own asses. It was so funny, that I was there a bit. Then I thought, I have not talked to the guys in a while. I came, saw that shit about Jason, and you saw what happened.

Anyway, I'm around. I might not participate as frequently as at the beginning, but I will visit. I have to make sure to get that beer from Zilch at some point too.

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Re: OK, I was out of this

Postby zilch » Tue Oct 01, 2013 6:30 am

It's nice having you around again, GE, and you certainly did yeoman's work at Lisle's blog. As I said, I really hope people take his advice and reread that stuff.

Your newer handle, photosynthesis, reminds me of Lisle's wacky claim, that on evolution, we can't be sure that we're not trees, and that all our beliefs are not simply a meaningless side effect of photosynthesis. You gotta admit he's entertaining.

And please do collect your beer and lunch sometime. I'd love to chat in person.
You were born. And so you're free. So happy birthday.
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