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New this season, Survivor - Yellowstone!

Like The Padded Room, but SFW

Re: New this season, Survivor - Yellowstone!

Postby Whateverman » Mon Jan 05, 2009 2:23 am

Quasar wrote:PS: who was being sarcastic? :|

Loss of Buckethead is something that should concern us all...

Some very SFW wanking here

He's not just someone who shreds - you can find zillions more clips of him being musical and laid back. He makes guest apearances with Guns and Roses, John Zorn and even Medeski Martin and Wood. The guy is insane - and he's anonymous. Last I checked, he only plays with a bucket on his head - and doesn't give interviews.
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Re: New this season, Survivor - Yellowstone!

Postby theShaggy » Tue Jan 06, 2009 3:17 pm

Benjamin Franklin wrote:It didn't work out though, I just couldn't break the ice.

and there I was, stuck between a rock with a hard place.

When you got to the restaurant, though, did she complain about some crust on her plate? I bet she passed it off as no fault of her own.
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