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National Cover Up Day

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National Cover Up Day

Postby Quasar » Thu Jan 22, 2009 3:02 am

From Uncyclopedia...

January 22: National Cover-Up Day (USA)
1012 - The second coming did not happen.
1492 - Nothing happened. You didn't see anything.
1776 - The United States of America was always unquestionably free.
1812 - We had reasonable cause to attack.
1847 - The United States retaliated against a Mexican surprise attack.
1861 - The United States was always united.
1917 - The United States irrefutably wins World War I in late-inning heartstopper.
1945 - The United States irrefutably wins World War II in extra time.Germans claim the ball had not crossed the line.England don't care.
1965 - The United States irrefutably wins the Vietnam War in seven games.
1974 - President Nixon finishes out his "optional" term of office.
2001 - Heavy winds cause the World Trade Center towers to weaken.
2003 - The United States irrefutably wins the War in Iraq in a 4-game whitewash.
2005 - It is the policy of this Administration not to discuss ongoing investigations.
2006 - Global Warming? What Global Warming?
2007 - There is no Grand Conspiracy.
2012 - The world will not end.
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