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Lyndon Johnson off to Manchester+

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Lyndon Johnson off to Manchester+

Postby Jessica » Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:44 pm

I've been given a day off from my running slow errands (well, half day). So I'm going to get some writing done till I get the royal summons again.
It is true you do appreciate days off more when they are days off and not an extension of the same.

It's 80 years today, 20th January 2016, when George V was injected by morphine by his Doctor Lord Bertrand Dawson to make sure his life moved peacefully to it's close to be reported in the better thought of morning instead of lingering to be reported in the provincial evening papers and the King was dead, so long live King Edward VIII stepped into the place he was congenitally formed to take.
(Actually, it's true. George V was lingering and was becoming an inconvenience so he was put down).

DSC_0026.JPG (168.3 KiB) Viewed 103 times

Lyndon Johnson on one of his infrequent trips into Town.

(Focus on the red request stop button and move your eyes to the left. Right on the front seat at angle in the corner.
You might have to zoom in to see him properly).

Edit : I know it's not really Lyndon Johnson, on account of him being dead, it just looks like him.
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