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Postby vms » Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:42 am

One of my two desktop PCs has kicked the bucket, failed power supply and motherboard. Considering its age (5+ years) it’s just not worth it to get it repaired. So I’m planning a buying a new desktop PC. This new PC will also replace my workhorse Dell PC which I use all the time and is older than the failed PC (6+ years). The failed PC was a backup system so I’ll make the Dell PC the backup and the new PC my workhorse PC.

I’m not a hardware guy so I need advice. I plan to buy it with RAID-1 storage. Question is should I get SATA or SAS disks? SATA seems cheaper but SAS seems faster. Is SAS much faster than SATA? It could make a difference for me since I sometimes set up a copied MySQL database from a non-profit org and run reports for them.

So any hardware gurus amongst us?

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Re: SATA or SAS?

Postby nemesis » Sun Jul 15, 2012 2:25 am

Are SAS drives faster than SATA? The answer is yes, generally a lot faster, but they are not just a little bit more expensive. They are marketed almost exclusively for enterprise use where ultimate performance is more important than cost and where servers are handling multiple simultaneous requests from many users. You will also need to add in the cost of a RAID controller which handles SAS.

As a home user, I reckon that you would be better off putting 4x SATA drives in RAID 10, than investing in 2x SAS drives in RAID 1. You could even put the SATA drives in RAID 5, if the only reason for fast disk access is to read that MySQL database.

For ultimate responsiveness from your system, you should install your OS on an SSD drive.
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