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Kindle and a Six Year Old

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Kindle and a Six Year Old

Postby E-lad » Tue Jul 17, 2012 2:59 pm

So, my son was here w/ wife and two daughters for a few days and his youngest daughter, six years old, has a Kindle that she takes everywhere she goes. Her mom has books and stuff loaded on it but Kili is an avid internet user.
I picked it up at one point and couldn't even figure out how to get past the first screen. Kili noticed I was struggling so she spent a few minutes getting me up to speed. She was showing me the games she likes and some different sites she likes to read all the while playing Kelly Clarkson songs and videos.
I once heard a guy say that when he needed help on his computer he'd ask his six year old for help and I dismissed him as an idiot. So, I'm an idiot.
It was just hilarious watching that little kid whizzing through those screens and stuff. She watches videos and stuff too. Her sister, eight years old, has one too and she loves science stuff so I loaded her up with some sites to read.

We were sitting out by the fire Friday night and Kili was reading her Kindle:

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Re: Kindle and a Six Year Old

Postby BaldySlaphead » Tue Jul 17, 2012 3:23 pm

"Digital Natives" they're called. My two are the same. They find it really weird when we go somewhere where you can't pause live TV...
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