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Ken lying about xianity being the cure for racism.

Discussion on things related to AiG and Ken Ham

Ken lying about xianity being the cure for racism.

Postby the_ignored » Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:08 pm

Details here.

Ham should recognize that a book that never condemns slavery isn’t exactly a beacon of light on matters of race.

And history shows that secular people are more likely to advance civil rights. Here’s researcher Dr. Phil Zuckerman (who has written the definitive books on secular societies):

As psychologists Ralph Hood, Peter Hill, and Bernard Spilka have noted, in their comprehensive The Psychology of Religion, and basing their assessment upon decades of research, “as a broad generalization, the more religious an individual is, the more prejudiced that person is.”

Perhaps this helps explain why secular white people were more likely than religious white people to support the Civil Rights Movement, or why secular Americans today take a more accepting/generous attitude towards immigrants of color than religious Americans, or why secular white South Africans were more likely to be against Apartheid than religious white South Africans, or why secular Israelis today are more likely to support the human rights of Palestinians than religious Israelis.

… When it comes to racism, it is more likely to be found among the religious, and less likely among the secular.

I like the commentator's comments, especially the one who pointed out Matthew 15:22-28.
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