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The Disco'tute gets a smackdown...so hard they delete it

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The Disco'tute gets a smackdown...so hard they delete it

Postby the_ignored » Fri Mar 29, 2013 11:59 pm

See Discovery Institute Face Plants at Facebook:

The initial topic this free-for-all were the claims made in a recently published ID creationist booklet called "Science and Human Origins" which claims to be able to prove that all human beings could have descended from just Adam and Eve, who were not descended from any simpler creatures but "designed separately"-- a euphemism meaning "created supernaturally." Thus, ID has taken an explicitly creationist position.

At first the creationists of the DI were furious that no evolutionist paid attention to their new book. Waah! Then they were furious because they got what they asked for: an evolutionist reviewed their book. Waah! Paul McBride, a blogger and grad. student in genetics in New Zealand, published a detailed five-part review of the new book, effectively trashing it by comparing it to scientific facts.

Here's where they got nailed on facebook:
When the FaceBook page for the Biologic Institute made the mistake of opening comments, chaos broke loose. It is rare for any evolutionists to get a chance to directly confront creationists or IDologues anywhere on the Internet-- almost all creationist and ID websites have essentially closed comment policies. So many evolutionists are just itching to take a whack at them.

Thus at the BI's Facebook post, which pointed to Klinghoffer's promotion of Luskin et al.'s book, evolutionists began posting right in their faces comments full of pesky scientific facts that challenged Luskin's quote mining and fact-inventing.

Beware actually reading this Facebook thread now-- many commenters (including myself) were banned and all their comments deleted, so some of the back-and-forth now appears incoherent.

Even the Panda's Thumb people have noted this:

The BioLogic Institute, the purported research arm of the Disco ‘Tute, now has a Facebook page where they post miscellaneous anti-evolution notes, many from the recent book by Ann Gauger, Douglas Axe, and Casey Luskin titled “Science and Human Origins”. One recent note was headed

From the scientific evidence, it is stubbornly uncertain how the first humans arose, whether from a lineage including ape-like creatures and far humbler ancestors or not.

Nick Matzke did a lovely job of rebutting that claim in the comment thread on the post. In the end, ‘BioLogic Institute’ abandoned the field, saying

I am closing this discussion because we are talking past each other. Our responses will be posted separately at www.biologicinstitute.org.

Where, as Jeff Shallit noted, comments are not allowed. As is their habit, when challenged the brave scientists of the Disco ‘Tute retreat to their insulated world, safe from those pesky critics’ comments.
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Re: The Disco'tute gets a smackdown...so hard they delete it

Postby E-lad » Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:48 am

:lol: How much fun it is to watch their flim flammery go up in the smoke of facts and reason. Y*\M/
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Re: The Disco'tute gets a smackdown...so hard they delete it

Postby zilch » Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:22 pm

They shun the light of day. As Paul McBride, one of the principals, remarked, "A devastating trainwreck or a masterful poe? We may never know for sure."

I'm beginning to believe that even believers can be poes within themselves.
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